Spark Joy, and Thought on Re-Grouping

I’ve been trying to get back to KonMari. After getting through the first large batch of clothes, I was gifted another batch of clothes about the same size as what I discarded. While I am grateful for a new-to-me work wardrobe, I also know that I don’t like everything. I don’t have to like everything, especially since these all came from a nice lady who hoarded and then passed away. I received a curated collection since I am likely closer in size to her than other people.

After gathering courage and joining a Facebook KonMari support group, I tackled that extra batch of clothes. As of two weeks ago, I finished four loads of laundry, and then proceeded to fold up the clean clothes KonMari style and she was right! They folded up super-small, and they fit into my drawers with plenty of space. So, Clothes worked. Next was books. I did not inherit that many books, but today, while reading Spark Joy, I removed an excess book that DID NOT spark joy. Pinterest has removed the need for “idea-generating” books and hence the book is now in my Goodwill pile.

I also remembered that I have a bunch of books that I kept because they were sorted out due to being valuable- meaning that they were books that were actually worth money, or they were books that I needed for completing my second Masters degree. That degree is not finished, although there are only six credits left for it. *sigh* I don’t know whether to sell the books or to keep them. They don’t bring me any joy, but having the degree and the job descriptions/money attached to the resultant degree would be fine. I believe that sticking with my first Masters degree and working on more knowledge and information that way would not be a bad thing. Will pray about the second Masters degree.

While reading Spark Joy, I also had a realization that some parts of my house are organized completely wrong. While I’ve tended to organize things for where I use them, there are some things that could easily be used somewhere else. And there is nothing holding me back from using those items elsewhere. I started visualizing a different kitchen setup, and a way of changing where I do makeup. These are simple things, but they would make a large difference in how I run my household.

As of November 4, 2017, I am on Paper. I need to make sure that my clothes are all put away and stored properly, but the next item I have never worked on previously is Paper and all that includes. I have more motivation for working on it and completing it because I want to get to komono, and I need to tackle my kitchen versus my kitchen tackling me. Will post again soon.


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