KonMari, Day Two

I have to take a break from sorting clothes. The pile has grown to nine kitchen trash bags. I have a scheduled pickup for Salvation Army for six bags next week. Considering that the first 6 were mostly shirts, it may not seem like a lot, but my getting rid of things is showing “holes” in spaces at the end of the bed. As I work to gather socks, I realize how awful my dresser really is. And that I don’t own a lot of socks. I’ve never done much of anything at organizing my underthings. Strange as this may sound, it never occurred to me to organize them. Actually it did, regularly, but I’ve never taken the time to do it.

But today was finish going through the bottoms and hang-up clothes (like dresses) day, and whether a surprise or not, I didn’t let that many dresses through. Although I appreciate people having been generous and giving me clothes, I am extremely picky about dresses and not really in the mood to alter them or to redo zippers.

I haven’t bought a dress for myself in many years, especially because everything at discounters like Ross is meant to make a woman look like the broad side of a barn if the person is over a vanity size 16. I agree with the man who said that American fashion has ignored its main group for years and has done a disservice to us. Yes, of course I want to exercise and get thinner, but you have to be able to wear something in the interim besides sweat pants! This is part of the reason that I took up sewing, although I’ve learned that knits are much more easily sewn on a real serger. I do not own a real serger. I own a “tiny serger” and without a cutting blade, it’s not the same thing.

There is also a vast lack of quality fabrics available locally to me. Well, quality fabrics aren’t cheap and much of America has stopped sewing so there is less trending demand at stores. I’ve been playing with quilts for the last few months, but haven’t made anything for myself because my hips are too big for the Big-4 patterns. Fabric and patterns will have to be bought online. I found a pattern that I like that is in my size, but it is expensive. Perhaps a full bust adjustment would help, but I am learning this all by myself and don’t know what to do about my hips. I wish that there was a Home Ec class for adults that didn’t cost an arm, leg, and pint of blood. Especially sewing. Will review more of the sewing books that my Mom left behind, but I need to figure out more about fit and I am about ready to learn how to draft my own patterns because this is so frustrating!

Ready to kill some socks- getting rid of the socks and stockings that I don’t wear will feel like sunshine after a cloudy day.


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