FollowUp to KonMari Day 1

Yesterday was the start of things and I got mostly through tops and part-way through bottoms. That alone took 6 kitchen trash bag’s worth out of my bedroom. While I was at it, I removed a bunch of hangers that were set up hanging items that went into the categories and moved them to the closet. I believe that I will remove many hangers by the time this is done.

Because I already know that I hate my current clothes drawers, I am considering adding satchets of lemon or lavender to them, and/or to change out the drawer liners to a nicer contact paper. I hate them, but they will not change until we move at some point in the future, so I may as well make them more live-able.

It may sound stupid, but I am proud of myself for getting this accomplished and focusing on the things that spark joy versus scarcity. I am currently relaxing at home, waiting for missionaries to show up, sitting in my favorite black yoga pants and a Tshirt that may not make anyone else happy, but it makes me smile internally. Logo or not, it sparks joy.


Feel free to comment.

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