Attempting to Overcome Difficulties

I went back to school. While the first semester felt fairly easy, I should have known that was the calm before the storm. This semester has been thing after thing after thing. A recurring theme of this semester is that if it can happen, it will. There’s been death, friends facing incredible challenges, and illness between my husband and myself. It’s not an every day uphill battle, but there’s so much happening that it’s very difficult to finish homework and to get things done.

Considering that is how I left off on school, and ended up with academic issues that could affect whether I can continue going to school, missing any part of the course or being home isn’t an option anymore. I have to go to class and I have to do as well as humanly possible no matter what else is happening in life.

I have opportunities for learning how to code if only I can take them. Spring Break was the most wonderful time off, but should have been used for coding nonstop. I’ve been paying for it ever since.

Saturday will be a huge family history fair, locally. There’s been a lot of stress involved, and the main person in charge is in process of moving. Very few people around here who are of my religious background are into family history, although it’s a tenet of our religion. At least, if they’re into it, they need training to do more. That’s good that they want the training. Normally, I’d be glad and grateful and all happy about it. Because of my coughing, drainage so I just want to sleep circumstance (sick!) all that I can think about is… not that much. I can barely keep myself together, and even then not that much.

School feels like I’m digging a grave, and not getting out of it. I love genealogy and I know that I want to get this app done, but I am far behind and likely to fail at the present. My teacher’s trying to give me chances to do better, but I feel like I’m just slipping down the slope and there aren’t any hand-holds to catch.

Can I make it? Will I make it? I need to make it, even when I feel like life is running me over with a threshing machine.

Tired, but studying,



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