Resumes and Hiring

  • When you go to an interview, always make sure to send a thank you card IMMEDIATELY afterward. That can make the difference between a hire and a “Next.”
  • Bring two or three clean, nice resumes with you on nice paper. Don’t expect or ask the interviewer to print it out for you.
  • Bring references with you, including phone numbers, email addresses, titles and current companies (or retired) and addresses. Make sure to ask your references if you can use them as references before you ever put their names down. It is bad manners to automatically assume someone will give you a good reference whether or not you knew them well at the previous experience.
  • Quick Vocab: Opportunity is somewhere you would like to work; experience is where you have worked.
  • ACTIVE verbs mean you worked. PASSIVE verbs do not help. If it takes more than two verbs together to say something, reconsider the phrasing on the resume. “Could have been” is not the same as “Assisted/Activated/Implemented.”
  • DO make sure to comb the website and review the social media of the company for which you are applying. You should know the basics of the company, and be ready to be confident about where you are applying.
  • Do not apply for jobs that will bore you unless necessary. If you are really under-paid, under-challenged, or completely unhappy with your work, you will start looking for another position before a year is out.
  • Working less than a year at a position looks flaky unless it is an internship or summer jobs. Post-college jobs should be kept at least a year unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Lay-off’s or firings are not the end of a career. Due to the economy, many people have given up job searches and being unemployed longer has less stigma than it did during the early 2000s. The new Head Hunter is the Temp Job Recruiter. Sign up with at least three companies simultaneously, and more if possible. Many permanent jobs come from initially temping with a company versus direct-hires.

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