Falling Dominoes

The game has little rectangular blocks that only look pretty when they fall in their proper pattern, but something has to fall. In an analogy of putting people to Dominoes, I notice that when either person metaphorically falls, the other domino also falls in the same direction. The person who falls first winds up on top. Some new friends came by who decided to fill in for my visiting teachers, and I’m grateful that they did that. It helps a lot to know that someone is watching out for you, even if they don’t have to be there every day at all.

Lately, there are issues cropping up that I’m seeing where forms of brinkmanship appear and each side is raised up to fight. They will be lucky if the moderator can step in to settle things. But the metaphor or motif of the fallen dominoes still remains. The person who becomes humble first wins. Even if the viewpoint is not appreciated by the other party, the sheer physics of the equation allow that when both parties are of equal height and otherwise are equal, the ones that abases first wins. It may be an odd idea, but it’s handy in cases where no one otherwise wins.