Editing Out Christ: Hollywood’s Curse Word

Tonight I was watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, a typically fun romp mixing adventure with firms of history and forms of archaeology. It’s fiction and I’m not being a sticker on historical or methodological accuracy. However, something I noticed was that the only time that Indy uses the name of Jesus Christ, although in blasphemy, and gets slapped for it (which I agree with enforcing restriction on blasphemy although not at corporal, sueable nature), SyFyD edited out Christ. Jesus c was fine to say, but His role as Messiah was removed. I’m not a fan of blasphemy anyway, but leaving Jesus while removing Christ is saying that whomever chose to edit b the movie for this channel finds Christ to be offensive. Sure. Swear and use Jesus, but don’t dignify Him in His proper role.

I have no idea of the criteria our background for the edit, but if you’re going to offend someone, I am offended. Not even for using His whole name. Society is far degenerated past finding the Lord’s name in improper use as offensive. But separating God from what He did by removing His title is like adding a doctor without the Dr. title prefix or an MD suffix. The Atonement definitely earned that title, honor, and much more than an MD or PhD. People with those initials get mad when they aren’t used and they make a big deal about it, typically. (Sheldon from Big Bang Theory being an extremely narcissistic case which is so self-involved he is comical.)
Christ is not Sheldon and has more intelligence than any PhD or MD.
That said, Jesus Christ is humble, and He is meek. That does not mean that whomever chose to edit His name is about to get smitten. My issue is that someone edited the Christ out of Jesus and that its wrong.
It’s not an artistic issue. It’s that whomever was editing it disconnecting Jesus from His title. Not cool. Christ is NOT a swear weird. Hollywood, your values or lack thereof are obvious. You crossed a line. The war against religion is super old hat, but this is sneaky, insidious, and diabolical. The world’s needs a few less comic super heroes and a little more teaching about real heroes.


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