Dis-Honoring the American Civil War Dead on the 150th Anniversary of the War

Originally written October 16th and published later. Obviously, the Budget crisis is now postponed until February. Have s nice day.

Update from previous post:  Senator Durbin’s staff member got back to me after I left a message on their emergency line. From there, I was given an email address to vent to. Have not yet heard a reply. Will send his office daily emails, will leave numerous voice mail on his emergency line, and will continue daily contact if there is no dialogue.

Current situation: Another genealogical database run by the government is shot down right when I need it to do work.

The government shut down does not affect my access to (most) historical censuses (Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census), but that’s due to FamilySearch and Ancestry making those images available for partnership fees to libraries that are run by states, private institutions, and to quote PBS, “by viewers like you.” If the Department of Commerce was my only source for censuses, I would be stuck.

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System: This is an awesome database that includes names of Union and Confederate soldiers including their rank, battalion, company, unit, state, who commanded the unit, what battles the unites fought in, when the company mustered in and out. For anyone who needs to check quickly whether a pension record is worth looking for, this is a great database. There is nothing like this out there on Ancestry, Fold 3, FamilySearch, or similar paid or free access sites. It’s not accessible due to its being part of the National Park System.



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