In Case Anyone Was Wondering

C and I met. We had the best weekend of our lives and are engaged. Otherwise, I am going back to genealogical research and field-related services full-time. This blog may develop more toward professional genealogy than it has been in the past. However, for me personal and private are more like looking at a continuous textual element. They may take up different facets of my personality, but they hang like grapes on a vine. And they blend together effortlessly. Here’s to breaking new ground, making in-roads on research, and seeing what I can do to contribute to the field.

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Sitting Here, Eating Turkey

The last few months have been a bit of a blur. Not only did I meet someone online, today is the day that I meet him in person for the first time. He took a TRAIN to see me. Nearly 2000 miles later, today will be the first time I meet C in person. From January 5th to now, I never expected anything like this. It seems like something out of A Tale of Two Cities. Both the hero and heroine have been through Hades. Our progression went from messages to email to phone calls and then Skype. Now, things are pretty serious, and it feels like my personal version of a fairy tale story.
My story may be like any of you. Just your average student who lost eight relatives or friends in seven years, a girl who had to bury her mother and many others besides facing down cancer, loves lost or destroyed, having to find the courage to serve an LDS mission and stick with the faith even though everything in life pulls against it.
I had to get strong enough to start two Masters, write one book and start another. Had to make peace with my family, and to make my peace in following God. There are so many little things that came up to this moment that the little bit of rain that is falling outside on the El pales in comparison to the exquisite awe I feel and humility at meeting a man who I consider to be the man of my dreams. A die-hard romantic, I admit to vulnerability on this point. All the same, my Bishop apparently checked into the guy and he’s okay. 😉
I never knew that I could be in such a combination of sheer happiness and minor fragility at the same time. C and I are so similar, it feels like …all I can really describe it as is a fairy tale. Cinderella-style, I do not own a ballgown. There are, thankfully, no mice. I am not sure whether I was the servant girl or the daughter of the nobles who married the noble for love. It is more like I fill in the background for that girl. The girl no one knew what to do with, and the girl who hopes to make a wonderful life with another imperfect being who is a godly creation.
This guy has some flaws, sure. But if not liking some of my favorite foods is the worst we do not have in common, then we are doing quite well. I readily and openly admit that I love him. It has not been easy, although this period feels a lot like a dream.

I meet him later today, apparently his train is running late, but this lets me say one last thing before I see him. I am so ready to cry because of finally meeting this man who has my heart as his own.

Cheers and updates later,
This feels like the happy ending in a movie.