Operation Cookie

Simple as it sounds, the sugar cookie may be the best Christmas present ever. To quote my current housemate, “Everyone likes a cookie.” 

As a way of trying to combat the Christmas depression blues that come from finals stress, the blow of a failed non-relationship, and trying to do something for someone else because service makes life better in general, I enlisted the help of multiple friends and a delivery service activity to spread a little cheer this season. I am only blogging about it to give other people the idea that you, too, can be an elf for the price of sugar, flour, butter, and a few other essential baking ingredients listed in the recipe to which this is linked

Originally, I thought about my neighbors. They are new to me, and newer to my housemate. She prefers not cooking, and I can’t stop. So between the two of us, me cooking and her enjoying food, we make a good team. Her relatives enjoyed the batch of key lime tartlets I made for Thanksgiving, so I thought that maybe neighbors would enjoy cookies for Christmas. In giving the FHE lesson on the last Monday of November regarding Christmas traditions, I mentioned an idea for choosing people in our ward to give cookies to, and then that the next week’s activity could be planning the people to whom to send cookies and then the week after being the delivery date. 

Although my first instinct was to make my family’s multi-generational Cocoa Clouds recipe, I made a recipe that belonged to a friend’s mother: Jick’s Delicious Sugar Cookies. I needed something that would make a lot of cookies, be easy, and do the job right the first time. It was also a recipe going off to possibly eight families for my neighbors and unknown quantities for the ward. The original plan was to also send some off with a friend, and just to make enough cookies to get the impulse out of my system. I hadn’t made Christmas cookies since before my Mom died, and that was long enough ago that it was time to re-claim Christmas. 

Pictures from the Sugar Cookie recipe show that more than 110 cookies were made, and then packaged and delivered both by car to families who brightened well at being remembered (yeah!) and also to the neighbors where we gave the cookies.

Overall, Operation Cookie was a great success. There is hope that the rest of Christmas and the New Year time may be that successful.




Genealogical Collections Aggregator

Genealogical Collections Aggregator

I built it. The first layer of the Family Place Tracer (C) is done as far as working method. There are other layers that make a difference to the overall scope and vision of the project, but this is done. I have to finish the theoretical NEH grant request, but much of it is already written. Will investigate how to build more layers into this map, but this is the first look for now. We’ll see how far it goes.