The Effect Thereof Is Poison

Mind-strays today led to thinking about the fashions of the world versus the fashions of nature. I began reading the Picture of Dorian Gray today, and there was mention of the laburnum

laburnum flowers- yellow, clostering flowers similar to lilacs but poisonous

laburnum tree mentioned in chapter 1 of the Picture of Dorian Gray

laburnum edge

laburnum edge

tree, which while pretty on the displayed pictures in bright gold drop-like flowers turned out to be poisonous.

My next thoughts turned to nature, and how only the most poisonous things were brightly colored. Well, either poison or ripe, and it depended upon what the item was as to whether or not it was useful. Oranges (as far as I know) do not have thorns, and neither do cherries, or apples. However, roses and lemons both do in their natural state. Raspberries also do. Items with higher acidic content or brighter fruit seem to have built-in defensive mechanisms to them. In the animal kingdom, duck mallards are the bright and showy birds as are all of the males of the varied species. The men are colorful, trying to attract females while the “women” are dull, nearly boring in their outside looks but carry with that a camouflage that serves as a protection for them.  Perhaps it doesn’t hurt that breast meat from females is prized typically over males in the poultry area.

Makes me wonder where human females got the idea where we had to be the showy ornaments. Men dress alike. Penguins at formal parties, the unfortunate male is the one who sticks out in dress other than his presence of character. I am likely a strange female, but I prefer not to be showy and poisonous. I like being comely and attractive, but modest. Preference falls to being kind, patient, and gentle in demeanor and mannerisms although I am not sure where my Scottish feistiness lies in the mix. It’s okay to have some chili pepper so long as there is milk to dilute the mix when needed. Even chocolate does better with chili.

So that is my take on nature. As is noted in scripture: 30 And again, he saith: If my people shall sow afilthiness they shall breap the cchaff thereof in the whirlwind; and the effect thereof is poison. (Mosiah 7:30). I prefer not to sow immodesty. There is no reason to think that anyone is better than anyone else. But there is also an effort to encourage to all good humors and to be well-kissed, as in the context of the 1960’s movie,

Flower Drum Song Movie Poster from

Flower Drum Song Movie Poster from

“Flower Drum Song.” One does not need to be kissed as in the movies versus to be loved with real intent. A person who loves you respects you, and that includes in their manners of dress and preferences at trying to help you to be a good person.

Best to all,



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