Managing Collections for the Home Family Historian

Machu Clan Name in Manchurian

Manchu Clan Name

While reading my management book this evening during homework, I am trying to see how the family historian works as an information disseminator.

“Managers not only gather information, but they also share it with others.” (Stueart and Moran 11)

Family history researchers are notorious for keeping their information to themselves. People are not trained as families, and thus act like their information is as individual as the researcher, whether or not it coincides with efforts of others. There is usually no one with whom to work on the information unless unusual amounts of effort are made. It is a happy family that can share information without griping.

it is not a if there aren’t ways of communicating. While postal mail is an unusual way of sending information today, it still happens and works. “Real mail” is more effective for communicating information than email or Facebook, although the latter are easier methods for disseminating information faster.

How to best communicate is up to every family to choose for themselves. I have a Twitter account but have not used it in possibly three months. I use Facebook perhaps at least every other day, and email many times a day. I use WordPress in spurts, sometimes weekly and sometimes twice a day. Other methods of communication are available for those who use them: Ancestry message boards, Yahoo and Google Groups, forums in places diverse as the audience.


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