Something Different

It’s good to meet people who appear calm, whether or not they are.

This morning I was praying and doing scripture study and asking God why men? Not as in needing to continue the species, and I don’t swing towards females in that sense. I’m working HARD on personal employment, education, betterment in whatever way it may be. Tonight at Institute I saw someone who simply looks grounded. It was nice to see anyone who is stable in the midst of the true chaos that is all around. Ideals and beliefs are literally mocked, disregarded, or otherwise treated as items of nought on a regular basis. I’m not sure whether it is simply advertising, media, or actual beliefs. Core beliefs for society should be family, religion or world belief, and then community.

Hearing a calm, honest, real voice was good.

I’m scrappy. A feisty little Scottish descendent, I’m a  bit of a whirlwind. At least, according to a few friends. I am the “duck”: calm on the surface and paddling furiously underneath. Strong testimony, burning, bright, and otherwise wanting to be straightforward about life.

This morning, God said that I needed a man for stability, honor, two other virtues [friendship, trust, hope], and patience (and kindness.) I wrote them all down, but this is what I can remember from this morning [this stuff was added later when looked up]. There is no concrete, obvious, or actual correlation between the calm person and the virtues, but on days when otherwise every other hope is gone, it was nice to see one bright spot in life.

Listening to the news on the way over here in the car, it was depressing. Life doesn’t look bright. Hearing the calm guy was nice. He spoke, and peace came over the group. The voice wasn’t loud (although it carried far enough), it was deep but not distracting, and the points made were simply beautiful. So that was good. He was new, and I hope that he comes back. Class was good as usual: real-life, truthful, no varnish required. When it was done, things worked out.

I don’t have time to have expectations that may not materialize. That would be too much and not necessary for now. I may never see the Calm Guy again. But, being grateful for the existence of people like that is good. People who are grounded, strong, who have gospel expectations and don’t make a big, showy fuss about it. Real people who are doing their utmost to be good. Here’s to something or someone different. Positive people who help me smile when otherwise I know how hard it is to survive in life, who allow me a chance to use hope. Thanks, to the Calm Guy who showed up today and helped me remember how to smile.

Best to All,



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