Notes on Reading: Blogging Commentary on Readings for DIGH400

I find it easier to write blog posts versus conventional notes a) because I want to add more content to my blog, and b) because otherwise I can’t keyword search my notes and I need that ability. At this point, I don’t care that this blog is public. My notes may be wrong in approach to thoughts and theories, but the subjective or relative aspects of the process allow me the open dialogue effect. That, and if I am not allowed to somehow give feedback or process the materials, I may go mad. I like having new ideas (or old ideas that I don’t realize I’m re-hashing) and I want to write them down somewhere. Hence, another divergence to this blog.

I hope that this helps me get my reading done as I can write and read simultaneously this way. Suddenly, I think that I need either a Kindle or Nook to aid in reading what is required and then typing up my notes and annotations of the same. Unfortunately, I cannot do a split screen on this netbook. That would make my life easier. That, and the ability of removing the booksmarks line and replacing it with my tabs. I don’t need to see bookmarks. Rarely use them unless akin to in an Archival mode. I need my tabs, however. Here’s to examining the way that I study at the same time as studying.


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