Someday Kid’s Names

This is a more-personal blog than most. I don’t have any children, and am free of respective obligations in that regard at this point. Consider this post a hope chest of sorts, where I tell the world my version of the Odd Life of Timothy Green (or at least what I gather from the previews.)

My first child will be Meredith Anna, Mere (Mary) for short. A combination of named after a roommate that was nice, a version of my grandmother’s name, and Anna just works. Anna is also the name of one my very good friend’s kids. Spelled Mere, pronounced Mary.

Next kid is Elizabeth Kathleen, named after my sister and my Mom. One of the names is my Mom’s middle name. Call her “Kathy” for short.

Last, but not least is red-headed either Michael David (after my Dad’s middle name and I’ve never known a bad guy named David) or named after his father, whatever my future husband’s name happens to be. I have thoughts on that matter, but will keep them to myself. To be determined in many ways.

That’s the basic low-down. If there are more kids, figure out their names as they come along, or if the husband in question has preferences, or his parents, then that is fine. Otherwise, I want solid, easy-to-spell names for my kids. Names from other countries are fine, but I WILL NOT mess a child’s spelling habits up by creating some odd spelling where they can never find a souvenir with their name on it for the rest of their life! I have plenty of friends with normal names that can’t find them, nevertheless odd spellings that only make sense when they’re spoken. Being a genealogist, I realize that it is hard enough to figure out names given standard abbreviations. When people decide to be “original” they are only pushing back Webster more than a hundred years, resorting to old English when any old spelling was fine, and are condemning their child to a lifetime of spelling and re-spelling their names! So, please, for the love of your child, let their personality be original, NOT their name. Ranting rampage done.




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