Pink Stuff and Orange Stuff: Summer Jello Desserts for the Over-Heated

These are recipes made up by my Mom in the 1980’s. It was summer: hot, sticky, sweaty, nasty mess in Northern Virginia before we got central AC working. The dessert is extremely simple. Jazz it up however you want.

Pink Stuff

At least one big package raspberry jello (go for the name brand.) In the 80s, there were only big packages and little packages. And we’re talking American Jello. Compare sizes against the products of Jello in other countries. You want the stuff with sugar in it. Sugar-free only if you are used to it, diabetic, or need it for some other reason. I can taste the difference, but tweak as needed.

Instead of using water to prepare it, use white grape juice.

Soft set jello.

Add around 2 8oz. containers of raspberry yogurt. We had the type with fruit on the bottom so we’d have to mix it up first. (For those in Northern Virginia, store brand Giant yogurt.) In other areas, store brand yogurt works well.

Using beaters, beat in the yogurt to the Jello until well mixed/incorporated. The Jello should change from deep red to pink. Hence, the name.

Chill till hard/scoopable by spoonfuls. We usually made this and kept it in the fridge, eating it for snacks during the day as a child.

Orange Stuff:

Same idea, except use apricot Jello (sometimes hard to find), and if you have to use store brand, no worries. The flavor and amount if more important than branding. Instead of water, use orange juice. Add apricot yogurt at the yogurt mix-in stage. I prefer this to pink stuff, but both are great. Parfaits are fantastic, though you will find yourself with preferences between the two.

Do not use metal bowls if possible as the acid reacts. I recommend glass as once a ladle left in the pink stuff dyed my Mom’s ladle pink, but the ladle was plastic.

Potential serving suggestion: Upon finishing beating yogurt and Jello together, pour into desserts cups, bowls, or glasses. Finish chilling. Before serving, pipe or spoon a dollop of whipped cream, a raspberry or Mandarin orange segment (appropriate to the flavor) and a small either mint leaf (for Pink Stuff) or chocolate shaving or similar adornment for the orange stuff. Play with the edible decorations as you like!


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