Desperation Casserole

This is a recipe for the days when it’s too hot to cook, but you have to cook. It was Sunday, and the ingredients were what I had on hand. I try to follow a tenant of faith that requests no shopping on Sunday. Typically, that means purchasing items ahead of time. Often, what you have is what you use. This recipe could be good for college students or  someone with more time than means who wants a simple recipe that worked.

Any of the ingredients can be used either frozen or thawed, cooked or fresh, or however people want to do it. It may take more or less work, but there is nothing that says that it has to be JUST so. This isn’t one of “those” recipes.


1 1 lb. link/chub or sausage meat (ingredients in said sausage included beef and pork as the main meat items, spices, but not a bunch of fillers and junk. And no casing.)

1 bag (abt 8 ounces or 1 lb.) frozen green peas store-brand (Jewel/Ralph’s/Giant)

1 bag. Roasted Potatoes w/broccoli, onion, and red peppers (herb and garlic) meant to be cooked in a skillet, but I improvised- can’t remember what brand

1 can cream of chicken soup

1/2 can (after emptying out the cream of chicken soup) water

1/3 c-1/2 c Ragu Alfredo Sauce


Spray a glass 9×13 pan with nonstick spray. I used canola oil type, but unless using the type with flour in it, it shouldn’t make a difference.

Next, cook the sausage. Since my sausage was frozen solid, first I unwrapped it and next microwaved it in a bowl for five minutes. This did partly cook the sausage, but not completely. After transferring said sausage to a pan with olive oil in it, I finished cooking it, breaking apart into inch or so pieces. Maybe it was more than 1 lb. In any case, it was enough that breaking it into 1 inch by 1/4-1/2 wide pieces was enough to cover a 10″ pan in a single layer. Turned off the sausage and let cool.

Meanwhile (while cooking said sausage) I mixed the cream of chicken soup, the green peas, and potato and veggies in a larger-sized plastic disposable Tupperware type container, added water, and got the mixture to a consistency that looked creamy although the veggies were still chunky, akin to a green bean casserole look. removed cooked sausage meat from pan and stirred into creamy veggie mixture being careful to avoid excess grease.

Poured mixture into baking dish/pan. Spread it out for an even layer. Added Alfredo sauce on top and mixed in a little.

Baked in 350 oven for around 20-30 minutes or until the top seemed melted together and the sides showed the mixture boiling. Removed from oven and let cool for maybe five minutes. Served.

No extra salt or seasonings necessary. Did dishes while the pan baked. Had chocolate pudding for dessert. Good comfort food on Sunday when reading a book in the sun room with a breeze.


Feel free to comment.

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