Eclectic Thought Processes: The Office-Gym

Thinking lately about the complaints on the radio regarding people sitting for long periods of time at their desks and the health issues that come from that, I am curious why companies do not spend cash on outfitting offices like gyms, except with portable hand-accessible mice and keyboards. Items where people can literally get work done and work out at the same time. For me, this would be a great asset. I am one of the sedentary individuals in the world who tend to think of gyms as nasty-smelling places where people who look better than me go to find people who also look better to do things after working out that I do not presently do.

I used to have a Curves membership. Yes, I am one of those girls who really does not like the idea of guys watching me work out. I work out TO work out, NOT to get picked up! That said, work places are omni-gender. Okay. That’s fine. A lot of people go there to get away from work, to relieve pressure. My current life and time habits are such that I would love the idea of not wasting time while I work, but in having gloves that have keyboard controls built into them allowing me to use treadmills or circuit train while getting work done. Allow me to write emails while I work out. Control my workout by alarms so that I do not have to think about it. This may not work that well for people who do tele-marketing. However, there is usually a massive din in the background for calls from people trying to sell things, so it is not that different. Instead of typical gym music, pump up with classical or with no music other than Pandora or iPod dependent upon the levels of interaction required for the position.

This ideal works best for office work. I realize this. And even then, I am not that sure that it would work well for people who work grave yards. Forget about this with fast food. Meaning that… cooking already is a work out. Ever watch a chef prepare dishes? Service is a work out. Fast food? Not exactly the same thing. I could see this working with “The Office” of the TV show mentality. Would work with law firms. Would not work with surgeons or really with doctors.

For the people who are not moving all day, or prefer the office environment, it could be a good thing. Here’s to saving time and spending it fruitfully.



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