Thoughts on Life

I never thought about how much I needed to get out-of-town until the past hour. I saw yet another homeless person, which made me think about how I’m much closer to them than they could ever imagine. The situation in the US when the Supreme Court can require people to pay for insurance when not able to afford to live in a dwelling space, period, if they want the status of legal, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens is too much. I have not yet read the legislation. I will admit that. Just not a fan of the Supreme Court writing into law yet another tax. And upholding it due to tax reasons. Same idea as getting Al Capone on tax evasion, which was brilliant for its time but kind of… getting them on the side instead of dead between the eyes as is the ideal. So basically, annoying. Satisfying when there is nothing else to work on besides that particular thing, but in general… not enough unless there is no other approach towards justice.

In this case, it’s working on the American people when it is a matter of regulating private agencies and upholding a system corrupted at its core in an inter-layered web of intensive and extensive lies and kick backs. I am not a fan of this. I am a conservative with small government preferred whenever possible.

The idea of the government forcing me to pay for something where I do not have a choice in the matter… I realize that Social Security is there and it set this precedent years ago. The idea was for a temporary fix, not permanence for all citizens. It was the answer to the Great Depression and did not have cost of living or other economic factors fitted into it. Watching how it happens now, people get discounts when it is their only support. That means that it doesn’t work for the time. That, and/or the cost of the good or the charge for it is too high. Same deal with students, and there are problems with what students make, also. While there is nothing that appears possible for solving the issues with Social Security, its existence and “constitutionality” was what made this pass the Court. And the fact that part of the ruling mentioned that it was due to the political race and leaving it to the people to change it. Guess what?

Our rights hang by less than a thread. They hang by the scraps of fingernails and nothing else. I’m done and sick of the lies that plagued the system for the past four years. While I used to not care, I’m done with that.

I glanced at a grandpa (or older father?) buying and eating an ice cream cone with his daughter/granddaughter today at the place where I found wi-fi. I got a hot dog because where I am traveling does not have hot dogs like this place, and it’s become an “addiction” of sorts. Watching a man who cared about his daughter (or grand-daughter) I grinned about memories where I did that with my grandpa’s. Just loved it. It really was about taking time, and the little girl was utterly cute and sweet. Things like that are what SHOULD be happening. People at Church have incredibly cute little children, and it helps me think that maybe it’s not quite as incredibly scary as it’s seemed during my entire 20’s. I’m not sure.

Definitely not baby hungry, but watching these grandpa’s (another came in with a little boy and they bought fries and drinks), it just makes me think of this place as a throw-back to a much simpler period where things still had some goodness. Life circumstances were less convoluted, complicated, and utterly survival-driven. I have not thought about childhood in a really long time. It will be nice to get somewhere where I can get away from men and just be GenealogyDr. No frills, no performing needed. No need to worry about making a good impression other than being respectful with friends.

I am the adult, but perhaps even I can take time out once in a great while and simply “be.” Otherwise, burn-out inevitable. I cannot out run my problems, but I can let myself relax (I usually describe this as “breathing”) once in a while. Everyone needs that. I need to get away from constant reminders of people who make me want to cry.

Off for the weekend although still working,



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