Zee-Maps: My App is a lot easier than I thought

I feel a little dumb now. I think that I can create the cool layer of my app using ZeeMaps and some pretty common lists. At least, it works that way in my head. It was not that big of a deal, but I was looking forward to learning how to make the maps for myself. Sad day. But, useful. At least I now know that this exists. Still considering whether to take the GIS class because mapping is hotter than Hades in dead summer. See this for example of one layer of the potential app: Wisconsin Public Libraries map.

Why did I think that Geography was a dumb major when I was in undergrad? Oh yeah, I was busy off in la-la land learning all about my family and falling in love with dead people! Now, I need to know ALL of it. Wish that my undergrad worked more inter-disciplinarily than my Masters are. …Now what? Oh yeah, create app. (Check. – Soon or someday.) Or start over? Great. What else am I going to do to change the world one person at a time? Completely unknown.

Things will get better, or else it will be time for the next task. Still have to make the app before I declare myself out of options!


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