Considering New Media: Television and Serial Publications

Last night I watched an episode of Once Upon a Time, a cute show from ABC. I normally do not watch television in installments the way that it is broadcast, but I prefer watching it in blocks without having to wait a week to get the next installment.

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens

That said, I thought about Dickens and the world before television. Back when serials did not come on Instant Play and when newspaper was the only way of reading serial publications. Dickens was not this massive, lengthy text that takes forever to read. He was a bit writer, paid by the word and by people reading his stuff and selling papers. Seems extremely similar to how advertising runs papers today. The format changes although the stories remain similar.

Something else that came to mind is that for all the commentaries and similar pre-occupations, religion changes even though principles remain the same. I knew little about Catholicism before coming to this town. Knew enough to get by, I suppose but I never had any idea how large Vatican II was or that there had been Vatican I. It may not matter that much in my daily life, but I hang out with friends whose lives have shape from the religion and I go to school at places where Catholicism is part of the schools’ basis. Two thousand years and a LOT has changed.

Just thinking about how some methods are similar and principles remain bedrock but formats change. Students hate formatting issues, but formatting makes a difference. Considering formatting similarities and differences in life between record keeping in 2012 and BCE. History of technology- who would have thought that this had such extraordinary change over time?


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