Do We Really Need Projectors?: Fiber Optics Fabric

I was half-asleep when this thought came to mind, but I think that it’s a good one:

Fiber optics fabric instead of projector screens. I was watching a lecture on cataloging after having only two hour’s sleep the night before while working on midterms and moving. Will continue moving, but the thought of “Why do we need a projector in the age of IPads?” came to mind. From there, I thought about how fiber optics are not new and why should we be confined to a hunk of metal whether or not it is delicately crafted? Why not have simply a large screen that does not need anything more than a power source and maybe a few hanger hooks or something similar? Make it of micro-thin fiber optics. According to this quickly googled MIT article, Snake Eyes, there is nothing that should keep anyone from making fiber optic fabric.

Essentially, the idea is to produce sheets of fiber optic fabric with embedded chips for producing the images and sounds needed to show, for example, video. This system would remove the basic procedures necessary in projection, and remove the cost associated as well. It could look either like a standard screen size, or make it as big or as small as needed.

My favorite thing for taking personal notes on are smaller spiral-bound journals. I do not want to have to pay $500 or something in that range for the metal idol of the IPad, but I also want the possibility of multiple screens at once. Make a product that moves with me, versus something where I have to adapt my thought processes to the machinations of the product. While the floppy pages could wipe out the industry associated with projectors, I see no reason for their removal as an industry. There are always more uses for any product. People just need to be creative in approaches for use.

End result is something thin, light, flexible, and if I had a few of them, why need an IPad? I could carry my portable floppy binder in my backpack and have all of my books and notes in one location without the metal associated. I like it. Any thoughts?


Feel free to comment.

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