Something to Emphasize

Just learned that a good friend of mine’s Dad got diagnosed with cancer. While I used to think that there was separation between professional and personal parts of life, her blog reflects what I now realize: they’re the same thing. No matter how it’s put, and no matter what else happens, the principle player in life is always the same. What you do in one sphere directly affects all of the other spheres.

I have friends who are afraid of posting what they really think online due to possible negative reactions. This is a fair and honest thought process. A blog post found recently on the topic mentioned that monitoring your online presence is crucial. I have been using Google Alerts for this purpose for years. Why Google your name when Google can do it for you?

Otherwise, I take the stance that I am not afraid of my posts. I can edit as need be, and I strongly do not want self-righteous inflections. That said, I am who I am. A quote modified from Abraham Lincoln mentions pleasing people some of the time. It is a rare person who has convictions who pleases a mass audience. For the 400 friends  in my queue on Facebook, my main group is less than 30 of them and even then, restrictions to information apply. My closest friends give me solid advice and never sugar coat things, but have substantial wisdom. Over time, they prove sincerity. If I need to move, they ask where and when to help, and they can get things done.

My public face is extremely formal. The better a person knows me, the crazier and more fun I get. All of that said, I did not originally intend to post passionate opinions, but find that is better writing for me. I am an amateur writer and like writing for mass understanding. Not that I need to dull my speech patterns or purposely talk in slang jargon or underhand. Instead, I like clear speech written freely. My personal hero is Thomas Jefferson. He was smart, intelligent (not directly synonymous attributes) and his clarity of expression strikes awe and harmony in beautiful concordance. A goal for my dissertation or for my Masters essays is clarity. While my enunciated discussion garbles easily during every day conversation, writing allows for direct expression. Both forms of communication matter equally and in each I have failings. Reading better writing assists, as do style manuals, or diction coaches and confidence-building.

Admitting flaws and failings is not easy. Especially in times when a person would make someone “an offender for a word” (see Isaiah 29:12) it is hard to think that anyone would let someone get away with less. For able competition in the marketplace, the more highly educated a person is, the more able they are. However, this requires proof of class beyond degrees (multiple intentions meant.) I like being personable, and I love delivering the goods with dignity. Class, polish, and sophistication are hallmarks of this view. At the same time, I like to eat Gino’s East pizza and think it ludicrous to pay more than necessary for a given commodity. I am middle class America.

My writing organization needs help, and my normal vocabulary is not where I prefer, but I am smart and I can do anything that needs doing given the time and resources. There is no fear in this standpoint. I hope that there is no arrogance, either.

I am a grad student and tired. Signing off from Chicagoland,

The Genealogy Doctor


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